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About Us

CORKART group is a private family owned company founded by José Correia Neves in 1987, although he has been involved in the business long before. All operations are headquartered in Vendas Novas, Portugal, a town located in the heart of the Portuguese cork oak forests, approx 1 hour south of Lisbon.

With a covered area of 20.000 square meters, CORKART employs more than 150 people. State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, excellent design and highly trained, skilled and experienced workers are just a few of the benefits of dealing with CORKART.

We are present in 4 continents and more than 25 markets around the world.

Our Brands

The fusion of the
characteristics of cork
with design and exclusivity.

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We believe that each
simple detail can
make a different.

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The underlayment of
choice for sound

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Products to
any occasion
and style.

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Delicately-balanced ecosystems, cork oak forests are a rare and valuable natural treasure only to be found in the Mediterranean region.


Our mission is to provide a quality product, respecting natural environment and showing all over the world the unique characteristics of cork. We are always searching for the ultimate ecological product and for that we count on CORKART staff, our suppliers and clients.

In a world of environmental awareness, CORKART uses cork, an environmental friendly, renewable and sustainable material to create warm, comfortable and luxurious interior decorating styles that will fit any home.

CEO Message

I must start from the very beginning, from the time I was a little child...

I listened my father speaking about cork every day, feeding the endless curiosity of a little boy about this amazing, natural and beautiful product... Those were very impressing lessons from a man who always worked with cork. Who loved cork!

A man that knew cork as very few could ever know. I still remember those early mornings when I joined him to see the harvest of the cork from the tree as I also remember the days spent with my friends playing around the cork piles with our cork toys.

Later, many years later in mid 80's, I had the possibility to make my dream come true and apply all the lessons I had about cork. I started the production of cork floorings based on very simple but extremely strict rules: quality, innovation and fair relationships.

Today, more than 20 years from that day the mentality is still the same, and although these years have been showing to me that not all people think the same way, I am proud that my kids decided to join me in the company. They share with me the same vision and the same principles I shared with my father!

"Yes, we can".